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BAYIMBA (Cultural Foundation) was established in June 2006 (followed by formal registration in November 2007) following a comprehensive exploration of the state of arts and culture in Uganda and East Africa. It sought to bring about change in the status quo of arts and culture in Uganda and East Africa: envisioning a vibrant sector that is creative, professional and viable and contributes to social and economic development, it embarked on a deliberate effort to uplift the standards of arts in culture in Uganda and East Africa. 
BAYIMBA’s operations started in 2008, with the first multi-arts festival of its kind in Uganda coupled with a number of artistic skills training workshops. A varied programme of activities has been implemented ever since to 1) raise awareness and appreciation of the benefits of arts and culture to development, 2) to ensure greater access to (a variety) of artistic and cultural expressions and provide artists with platforms for exposure and networking, 3) to promote creativity, artistic and entrepreneurial skills among actors within the sector, 4) to strengthen its brand and organizational capacities and 5) to establish lasting creative and cultural infrastructures.
Till date 12 successful editions of the four-day Bayimba International Festivals were held while 15 one-day festivals were organized in various locations across Uganda between 2010 and 2015. A special festival was introduced for theatre (Kampala International Theatre Festival), in 2014, while Bayimba took a lead in reviving Uganda’s oldest independent film festival (Amakula International Film Festival) and sought a partnership to revitalize Uganda’s premier dance festival (Dance Week Uganda), both in 2016. Moreover, DOADOA | East African Performing Arts Market was established, in 2012, as a regional platform for networking and learning among (performing arts) sector stakeholders. 
Within the framework of its arts education programme, over 1500 trainings have been organized till date, with over 5,300 artists and other stakeholders participating and benefiting in terms of skill development as well artistic exchanges and collaborations. BAYIMBA has also been at the forefront when it comes to advocating for arts and culture by organizing debates and discussions and in building relevant national and regional networks and networking platforms. 
BAYIMBA also has explicitly focused on building its organization and its team, by enhancing its organizational structures, processes and operations, while managing to diversify its financial resources and win the support from a range of organizations and individuals from around the world.
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