12 Jun 2021 10:00-22:00

Music Against Child Labour Competition 2021

JM International


Online Opportunity

Deadline: 12 Apr 2021


The Competition This competition is being organized and run by the JM International (, in collaboration with the International Labour Organization - ILO ( for the UN International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour 2021. We invite musicians, both professional and amateur, to submit a song on the theme of child labour. Submissions from musicians of all formations (up to a maximum group number of 6) are welcome. Participating in the competition is an opportunity to raise awareness about child labour and the importance of music and creativity in the lives of children. Contributions from different genres are equally valued - soul or songwriting, highlife or hip-hop, folk, jazz, rock or tango, classical music of every tradition and every type of music besides! Only original songs will be accepted, including songs already composed in 2019-20, as well as new compositions from the date of the competition’s announcement. Categories The competition will be held at the global and national levels and will have 3 categories: Two of them are at the global level and the third category is at the national level in the CLEAR Cotton project countries. 1. Global category - Under this category, the song can be about child labour in general, or about a specific type of child labour. 2. Grassroots category - Under this category, the song should be part of a project to empower children and give them a voice through music. The project could include children who at risk of or who were formerly in child labour. Note that while the artist coordinating the project should be aged 15 or above, for this category, the singers can be of all ages. 3. CLEAR Cotton project category - Taking place in the CLEAR Cotton project countries: Burkina Faso, Mali, Pakistan and Peru. There will be special prizes for songs highlighting the issue of child labour in these national contexts. The CLEAR Cotton project combats child labour in Burkina Faso, Mali, Pakistan and Peru by supporting the efforts of governments, social partners and the cotton sector actors at the national level and by empowering communities and stakeholders. By reintegrating children into the education system, the project offers them a future without child labour. By training their parents in more efficient production techniques in collaboration with the FAO, it enables them to not have to rely on child labour anymore. By supporting national and local partnerships, it ensures a coordinated action against child labour. As such, the project works closely with public authorities, social partners, cooperatives of producers, and other actors, which are the guarantors of the sustainability of the efforts to eliminate child labour. For more information, see here: In order to submit a song for this category, artists must be linked to these countries (nationality, organization based in the country…). Prizes For each category, one winning song will be selected and the artist/group will receive the following prizes. For the global category and the grassroots categories: - 1000€ cash prize - Professional music-video recording - Pre-recorded video streamed at the 2021 World Day Against Child Labour event during the International Labour Conference For the CLEAR Cotton national category(one per country): - 500€ cash prize - Professional music-video recording - Pre-recorded video streamed at Clear Cotton Project events and on other occasions The competition supports the global Music Against Child Labour Initiative, launched in 2013 by the International Labour Organization (ILO), Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), the International Federation of Musician (FIM), the Simon Bolivar Music Foundation “El Sistema” and a host of international music figures. The Music Initiative has two key aims: raising awareness about child labour through music, and, empowering children, including children formerly in child labour, through music. Find out more here:


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